Flower Essences

Flower essences are the vibrational qualities of a particular that have been imprinted into water. It is the same concept as homeopathic remedies except flower essences treat the emotional imbalance rather than the physical. 

Pomegranate $12.99
 Primary Quality: Abundance

Positive Healing Patterns: abundance, creativity, loving, nurturing, passion, resourcefulness, self-empowerment, sexuality

Patterns of Imbalance: hidden talents, lack of creativity, lack of passion and joy in life, inability to locate resources

Energy Impact: The way we survive in the world. The way we relate emotionally to ourselves and others. The way we think and use our power.

Pomegranate is the perfect essence for all stages of womanhood, from blossoming to elder and all the emotional states that happen. It is wonderful  for anyone(man or woman) wanting to foster their nurturing side and find their passions in life.

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