Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Stage

"When you perform...you are out of yourself - larger and more potent, more beautiful. You are for minutes heroic. This is power. This is glory on earth. And it is yours, nightly."
~Agnes DeMille
My first identity... from the time I stepped into my first class at the age of three... a dancer.

No matter where else life has taken me; wife... mother... student...
Dance has been an undercurrent of it all. It is rare that I hear a song on the radio and am not choreographing it in my mind.
I have been privileged to meet some truly amazing people... I have formed friendships that span the distance of life paths and reconnect when I least expect them to. 
 Dance has taken me on amazing journeys... places I never thought I would go.

No matter what comes in life I am thankful that God has allowed me to have the experiences that dance has given me.
Even though right now I can't fill my life with dance... it is still there. It infuses everything I do.
This morning I set aside some time to get back to the basics. I gave myself permission to follow my heart and spent some quality time with music and ballet...in my kitchen
Yes, I said my kitchen...
See, I have been telling myself that I can't dance because I don't have the space... I can't afford to take class...basically I was having a pity party.
But then I realized that I have the space I need! All I need is something to hold on to...about 4 feet of space on three sides...and some inspiring music... I did a simple ballet barre routine standing at the counter in my kitchen.
I broke a sweat.. I was out of breath... my muscles burned and my legs turned to jello...
It was glorious!
The quote at the beginning of this post does not just apply to those who are performers in the classic sense.
We are all performers in our own lives. The question is... What kind of performance are you putting on? Are you just going through the motions or are you taking every moment to give all you have? Are you holding back or are you leaving it all on the stage?
I know I intend to embrace all of my passions. By doing so I am better equipped to be the best wife and mother I can be.
By making sure my soul is fed I can be open to allow God to work through me as I learn to aid in the healing of those I will encounter at school and eventually in my own practice.

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