Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Hair

I, like most women have had a life-long, on and off, love-hate, relationship with my hair. It has been a multitude of lengths from my waist when I was in my teens, shoulder length when I started having children, above chin my chin after a frightening bout of alopecia, and currently bra strap length. It has been layered, permed and highlighted.... but, the one thing I have never done is change the color... I love my deep copper/ginger hair color!

I have tried various hair care theories and "miracle" products. Here is my conclusion....

I LOVE long hair. I come from a traditionalist family where a woman's hair is her crowning glory and is kept long. I also have a love for historic fashion.... which included LONG hair, always pinned up in beautiful up-dos.

One of the recent changes in my life is that I have started going to Southwest Institute of Healing Arts to pursue a degree in massage therapy with certificates in aromatherapy and cranial unwinding... and that is only the beginning. Going to a holistic healing school has made me take a hard look at how I live my life and what products I am using to care for myself, my family, my pets and my home.

So, here are the goals for my hair:

1. Length- currently bra strap length (BSL) with layers. I would like it to be waist length, not sure if I  will keep the layers or not yet.

2. Health- I have naturally wavy/curly hair, fine but a lot of it. It tends to be dry , especially the ends.

I am working up a hair care plan and home formulated care products using essential oils and other natural products. No chemical/mainstream products. as an incentive I am getting rid of all my styling products.... GHA!! very scary....

Another thing I know I need to do is wear my hair up most of the time to help maintain moisture and prevent breakage.

Each week I will post pictures of my styles for the week and what my routine has been and any fabulous experiments I have discovered.

Ready.... Set.... Go!

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