Thursday, March 28, 2013

Groceries For The Week

Money is tight. You hear that everywhere you go. People are losing their jobs, having to get creative or just plain cut back on not only luxuries but also on the everyday necessities. We have had to tighten our belts and our purse strings a lot recently. We are not wealthy by ANY stretch of the imagination. Our children qualify fro free lunch but we do not qualify for government assistance... which is fine... We have had enough to meet the bills, buy the gas and groceries, and have a little "fun" money.  
Now things are very tight. I am not sure where the funds are going to come from to meet our needs... but I do know that God is faithful and has always provided what we NEED.
In the meantime, the bills still need to be paid and we still need to put gas in the car... so that leaves the groceries and the "fun" that is feeling the squeeze. I am focusing on the groceries for now. Later on I will share frugal fun... once I get that figured out! 

Here are the groceries I purchased this week. Keep in mind there are 5 of us. Hubby, myself, and 3 growing and active children. As well as a turtle, a cat, one remaining chicken(thanks to one of the dogs), and 5 dogs. I haven't figured out the animal needs yet... trusting that they will be provided for when the time comes.
I purchased all of my groceries at Walmart. I will do this for the first month or so as a baseline cost. Then I will start bargain shopping elsewhere.
I try to cook as much as I can with whole, natural foods. While I do prefer to use organic, that really doesn't fit into my budget at the moment. But I do have a few tips I will be sharing along the way... So stay tuned! 

 4-pack of Charmin  $3.36
1 roll paper towel  $.97
1 box Kleenex  $.97
2 bars Fels Naptha soap  $1.94
1 can shave cream(store brand)  $1.67
2 boxes mac and cheese(store brand)  $1.36
2 Cup-o-Noodles  $.50
1 lb thin spaghetti  $.82
2 lb white beans  $1.88
1 bag egg noodles  $1.00
1 pkg corn tortillas(24ct)  $1.68
1 loaf clearance Italian bread  $.96
2 bags romaine hearts  $5.96
3 pack bell peppers  $3.88
1 bag green onions  $1.15
1 pkg hot dogs  $1.00
1 lb lean ground beef(clearance price)  $3.35
1 doz cage free eggs  $2.68

 3 lb frozen chicken breast  $7.98
1 bag frozen mixed veggies  $1.67
What is not in the picture is a card I bought for my secret sister and 2 boxes of soda that hubby gave me money for.
My total, after tax, came to $49.57... Just barely inside my $50 per week budget.

Now, I know I could have saved even more money by cutting back on the quality of my meat, eggs and toilet paper... but I need to keep a few luxuries!
I will be making videos throughout the week detailing how I am using these ingredients. 
I hope this helps someone with struggling to provide for their families in these times. Just remember you are not alone!

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